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Reblog if you think fanfiction is a legitimate form of creative writing.

Of course it is! Why shouldn’t it be?

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How the Media Reports the Deaths of Famous People

I’ve been watching all of the reports about the deaths of Nelson Mandela and Actor Paul Walker. While I do not begrudge them the coverage, someone else, just as important died last Saturday. Dr. Paul Crouch, the Co-Founder and President of the Trinity Broadcasting Network. This giant in Christian Broadcasting died at the age of 79 of congestive heart failure.

He was a man who lived what he preached and took no salary for what he did. Neither he nor his wife, Jan, got paid.  All of the money donated went to take care of the network so that the Gospel of Jesus could be preached to the world.

I know what their grand daughter, Bethany has said but where is her proof? Now, she has no opportunity to ask her grand father for forgiveness. I feel sorry for her. 

He deserves to be mentioned the way Mandela and Walker were. I hope they learn. Even Christians are important.

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The Classic Doctors aren’t feeling very involved in the 50th anniversary. If this post gets over 1000 notes, I will create a twitter and tweet this picture to each and every actor/actress/writer who had a major role on the first 42 years of Doctor Who to show them JUST HOW MUCH we love and appreciate them!

Let’s give them a fitting dose of appreciation for an anniversary that THEY helped create!


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doctor who 8 by *nightwing1975


This makes me happy. [source]

Makes me happy too!

8th Doctor Portrait by *littlecrow

How totally beautiful!
From the British series “Sea of Souls” This episode was called “Rebound” Paul McGann was Christopher Chase, an immortal Alchemist. I particulary love the close up of those eyes. I could drown in those!


Have Paul McGann sing you a lullaby.

From Art Is.


Photographer: Sven Arnstein
Because everyone needs dreamy young Paul on their dash.


I know this isn’t much but hey, ANYTHING on Paul is a good thing, right?